Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of repairs can Hacham Garage Doors handle?

We've seen it all, from stubborn garage doors that won't budge to squeaky hinges that sing a tune every time you leave for work. Our team specializes in tackling a variety of issues, including misaligned tracks, unresponsive openers, and springs with less bounce than they used to have. Think of us as the garage door whisperers—we listen closely to your door's groans and creaks so we can bring back the sound of silence.

Sometimes it's small fixes like replacing worn-out rollers or reprogramming your remote control. Other times we get down to business with more complex tasks such as overhauling entire systems when wear and tear has taken its toll.

Can I fix my garage door on my own?

Diving into DIY is great for building birdhouses or knitting sweaters but fiddling with heavy-duty springs and high-tension cables? That’s another story. We encourage homeowners not to turn their garages into an episode of "Home Repair Gone Wrong." Instead, give us a call because fixing garage doors safely is what gets us up in the morning—and keeps you safe at night.

If your car is trapped behind a rebellious door or if opening your garage feels like lifting weights at the gym—those are clear signs it's time for professional help.

How often should my garage door be serviced?

Much like getting an oil change for your car before hitting Route 66, regular check-ups are key for keeping things smooth. We suggest giving your beloved barrier some TLC once every year; this way we catch any moody springs or rollers looking to retire early before they throw in the towel during rush hour traffic—or worse—in the middle of night.

A quick tune-up might just save you from being late to that important meeting because suddenly dealing with unexpected overhead surprises isn’t part of anyone’s morning routine.