Garage Door Opener Repair

The heart of any garage door system is its opener; think of it as the brain behind the brawn. When this little gadget goes kaput, you might find yourself stuck outside (or worse, inside) your own home. That’s where we come in. We can get that opener working again faster than you can say "open sesame." From weird noises to complete no-gos, we’ve seen—and fixed—it all.We handle everything from chain-driven beasts to whisper-quiet belt drives and even those fancy smart openers that connect to Wi-Fi. If there’s trouble brewing with yours, here are some cost estimates, but rest assured our team will give straightforward advice on whether a fix or full replacement makes more sense.

Garage Door Replacement

Sometimes patching up an old door is like putting lipstick on a pig – not worth it. A new garage door isn’t just about looks; it boosts curb appeal and security too and often comes with returns on investment when selling property. So if yours looks like something straight out of a horror movie set—or functions like one—we’ll help pick out and install something top-notch without breaking the bank.You'll have options galore: modern aluminum? Classic wood? Insulated steel? We've installed them all and then some.